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Friends: Trivia Quiz Second Edition
Friends: Trivia Quiz Second EditionFriends: Trivia Quiz Second EditionFriends: Trivia Quiz Second Edition

Friends: Trivia Quiz Second Edition


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Friends: Trivia Quiz Second Edition

Can you remember what Joey's stuffed penguin is called? or which of the Friends has worked in Central Perk? This 2nd Edition Friends Trivia Quiz gives you another 100 questions to test your knowledge, along with friends and family as to how much you all learnt and remember about Friends, the Television Series. There are two levels of questions, so you can opt for the more difficult super-fan category in order to gain more points!

Everything you need to play is included in the box along with full gameplay instructions. Small and lightweight this Friends Trivia Quiz 2nd Edition is perfect for taking with you on a long journey, on holiday or take on your next family gathering to keep everyone off their phones so you all spend some quality, fun time together.

The multi-award-winning sitcom Friends is one of the most cherished TV shows of all time. Adored by hardcore fans and critics alike, it's more than just a show and is now a part of popular culture. Friends The Television Series ran for 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. The show revolved around six friends in their 20s and 30s who lived in Manhattan, New York City. Friends is instantly recognisable to millions of people across the world and still remains hugely popular among fans of all ages.

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