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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Infinite Forbidden Booster Display (English)

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Infinite Forbidden Booster Display (English)

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Infinite Forbidden Booster Display (English)

The two words that cemented Yu‑Gi‑Oh! as a global sensation!

The Infinite Forbidden was recently announced at the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! DUEL MONSTERS The Legend of Duelist QUARTER CENTURY Event held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, returning the game to where it all began with a new strategy featuring the unstoppable Exodia!

By revealing all 5 pieces of Exodia from your hand or Deck, or having them on the field, you’ll be able to Summon a brand-new “Exodia” Fusion Monster! It can’t be destroyed by card effects and can add your current Life Points to its Attack Points every turn! This boost never wears off, so if your opponent somehow manages to survive Exodia’s onslaught, they’ll just face a stronger Exodia the turn after that! Through its mastery of ancient powers, this new Fusion Exodia can cancel 1 Spell or Trap activation of your choice, every turn, for free, AND it fetches an Exodia-themed Spell/Trap from your Deck each turn for YOU to use, also for free.

In Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh and his priests fought with spiritual monsters, Summoning them forth from great stone tablets to strike down their foes! The Infinite Forbidden introduces a new theme that simulates this method of combat: First you place your “tablet” monster on the field as a Spell Card. Then, you infuse it with your life force (or Life Points in this case!) to Special Summon the card to the field as a monster! Each of these Summons is a Special Summon, so you can save your Normal Summon for something else!

If giving up your Life Points to fuel these monsters isn’t your style, there’s a special new Spell Card to give you a bit of Millennium Magic of your own – just reveal it from your hand and you don’t have to pay any Life Points to Summon forth the monsters from their stones! And since revealing it doesn’t get rid of it, you can do so over and over again. This Spell is also crucial because it’s used to Summon the “Exodia” Fusion Monster!

The Infinite Forbidden contains 100 new cards in all, for a variety of strategies, new and old, including a brand-new World Premiere theme! It also continues the fun of the 25th anniversary celebration by including 25 Quarter Century Secret Rares, including 1 special card.

The Infinite Forbidden core booster set looks like this:

10 Secret Rares
14 Ultra Rares
26 Super Rares
50 Commons
(24 of these cards are also available as Quarter Century Secret Rares and 1 special card is ONLY available as a Quarter Century Secret Rare!)

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