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Piko Collection 3 Evercade
Piko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 EvercadePiko Collection 3 Evercade

Piko Collection 3 Evercade

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Piko Collection 3 Evercade

Piko Interactive Collection 3 for Evercade brings together a diverse range of games, including whimsical 32-bit platformer 40 Winks, the technically impressive 16-bit first-person shooter Zero Tolerance, epic 16-bit RPG Legend of Wukong and many more!

Including 10 Games

40 Winks

Genre: Platformer
Players: 1

Classic 32-bit 3D platformer 40 Winks comes to Evercade. Combining the comical with the macabre, there'll be no sleep till you finish this one!

Zero Tolerance

Genre: First-person shooter
Players: 1

First-person shooters didn't really hit their stride until the 32-bit era, but Zero Tolerance, now available on Evercade, showed that 16-bit platforms could handle this popular genre just fine!

Legend of Wukong

Genre: RPG
Players: 1

A modern reimagining of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, Legend of Wukong is an epic 16-bit RPG, now available to enjoy with a full English translation on Evercade!

Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston

Genre: Action adventure
Players: 1

It's a jungle out there in Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston, an 8-bit adventure for Evercade. As Stanley, it's your job to track down the renowned but eccentric Dr. Livingston somewhere in the depths of the Congolese wilderness.

Super Bubble Pop

Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1

Let's get poppin' in this upbeat 32-bit puzzler for Evercade! In Super Bubble Pop, you'll groove to the beat while matching and clearing the ever-advancing stacks of coloured bubbles.

Metal Mech: Man & Machine

Genre: Action
Players: 1

Huge stompy robots and their tiny occupants come to Evercade with the action-packed 8-bit game Metal Mech: Man & Machine. As the heroic Tony Martin, it's your job to fight off the invading biomechanical hordes both on foot and in your walking battle tank!

Radikal Bikers

Genre: Racing
Players: 1

This previously unreleased 8-bit reimagining of a classic arcade game hits Evercade in style! In Radikal Bikers, you'll hit the streets on brightly coloured motor scooters and deliver pizza, compete against the clock or race against rivals.

Motor City Patrol

Genre: Driving
Players: 1

Crime is the disease and you're the cure in this 8-bit driving game for Evercade. In Motor City Patrol, your job is to keep the streets safe, be it from those simply driving dangerously or those committing more serious crimes!

Punch King

Genre: Boxing
Players: 1

Punch King brings 32-bit arcade boxing to Evercade! As up-and-coming boxer Tiger Armstrong, you have a long road ahead of you to claim the title of Punch King, so you'd better get training!

Sword of Sodan

Genre: Beat 'em up
Players: 1

This graphically impressive 16-bit beat 'em up hacks and slashes its way onto Evercade! As the heroic Brodan or Shardan, your target is the evil necromancer Zoras. Armed with the Sword of Sodan, can you defeat the tyrant and reclaim the throne he usurped from your father?

O Evercade retorna com os jogos favoritos da Piko Interactive. Esta terceira coleção traz outros 10 títulos de jogos retro de consolas domésticas num cartucho físico para todos os sistemas Evercade, com um manual colorido para ensinar a jogar.

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