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Dungeons & Lasers - Roof Set - EN

Dungeons & Lasers - Roof Set - EN

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Dungeons & Lasers - Roof Set - EN

Make your house, into a home.

The architect ensured us that the roof is solid and would effectively protect the residents from adverse weather conditions. From now on, the rain will never fall on your head again! At least until a giant, dragon, or sorcerer visits… But the rain would be the least of your concerns at that point.


- 8x basic roof pieces
- 4x concave corners
- 8x convex corners
- 8x fill walls
- 24x double-sided trims
- 18x various wood-like trims
- 18x various stone-like trims
- 42x various clips
- 64x pins

Informação adicional
Fabricante Archon Studio
Peso 55 gramas
Altura 1.00 cm

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