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Magical Glitter String Art Trick

Magical Glitter String Art Trick


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Magical Glitter String Art Trick

  • FANTASTIC RETRO TOY : An engaging game that will keep children busy for hours whilst building their fine motor skills. Would make great party favours and stocking fillers!
  • MULTICOLOURED STRINGS : 6 assorted vibrant and bright colors, provide you with multiple color choieces, sufficient for almost all your needs of colors.
  • SAFE STRINGS : These strings are circular tubes but not flat, and the inner diameter ranges from 1mm. They are safe and through nature of the raw materials. Cradlerz game comes with instructions as to how to make shapes and forms with the string provided.
  • LONG AND DURABLE : The string length is 160cm and it comes with 6 assorted colour, pretty strong and durable. Good teaching resource to be used in the classroom.

Informação adicional
Fabricante Outros
Peso 50 gramas
Altura 160.00 cm

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