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Revell Spray Gun starter class

Revell Spray Gun starter class

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Revell Spray Gun starter class

Airbrush Accessories for beginners: Airbrush spray gun from Revell

Airbrush is probably the most sophisticated technique for applying paint to a surface. Perfect colour gradients and special effects can only be achieved with the airbrush spray gun. The reason for this versatility lies in the fact that airbrushing does not come into contact with the painting surface at all. Even difficult and uneven surfaces can be sprayed precisely with the spray gun. The new improved airbrush spray gun starter class is an uncomplicated and inexpensive spray gun for airbrushing. The paint container of this spray gun can be separated from the handle by an Easy Click System, which makes the handling of the gun much easier. In addition, the new ergonomic design ensures that airbrushing is particularly easy.

The spray gun works on the principle of external mixing. Because the paint does not have to flow through a fine mechanism with this principle, this Spray Gun can handle thicker paints than guns with internal mixing. And that is of course important in model making when it comes to flawless paintwork. 

The Revell Airbrush Spray Gun Set also includes a compressed air hose and the propellant regulator for connection to a compressed gas can. The propellant regulator and the connected compressed air hose form the connection between the compressed gas can and the spray gun.

Contains the new spray gun starter class, compressed air hose and propellant regulator.

Informação adicional
Fabricante Revell
Peso 200 gramas
Altura 0.00 cm

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