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Friends: Central Perk Neon Light 38 cm
Friends: Central Perk Neon Light 38 cmFriends: Central Perk Neon Light 38 cmFriends: Central Perk Neon Light 38 cm

Friends: Central Perk Neon Light 38 cm

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Friends: Central Perk Neon Light 38 cm

  • A fabulous neon sign from everyone’s favourite coffee shop (and sometime employer of Rachel).
  • Officially licensed FRIENDS merchandise
  • Soft green and red neon light in the design from the fictional coffee shop.
  • Powered by USB (cable included) and nostalgia
  • Perfect for that Friend who describes herself as ‘such a Phoebe’.
  • Measures approx. 38 cm x 13 cm

    So no one told you that neon lights were going to be this way? Well, that’s what we’re here to do: give you a funky FRIENDS Central Perk Neon Light while simultaneously getting that theme song stuck in your head for hours. You’re welcome.

    Now, we’re not saying that this incredible light is a clap-on – even if you do those four claps you’re thinking of from the intro music (although someone should really copyright that) – but we are saying that its cool red and green neon glow can illuminate you while you serenade ‘Smelly Cat’ to your friends.

    If this might not be up your alley, we’re sure you’ll know a friend who will give you a nice “how you doin’?” if you get this for a birthday. So don’t wait and order now! We guarantee that we’ll be there for you when you purchase your FRIENDS Central Perk Neon Light!

Informação adicional
Fabricante Paladone
Peso 550 gramas
Altura 38.00 cm

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