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Viewtiful Joe Exclusive Edition Statue 35 cm
Viewtiful Joe Exclusive Edition Statue 35 cmViewtiful Joe Exclusive Edition Statue 35 cmViewtiful Joe Exclusive Edition Statue 35 cm

Viewtiful Joe Exclusive Edition Statue 35 cm

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Viewtiful Joe Exclusive Edition Statue de 30 cm, de elevadíssimo detalhe, produzido pela First 4 Figures, baseado no Universo do Videojogo de culto Viewtiful Joe, e na sua icónica personagem.

Edição Limitada a 450 Unidades no Mundo Inteiro, inclui uma caixa Deluxe de cartão, assim como interiores personalizados, base numerada na sua parte inferior assim como um cartão de autenticidade. A edição exclusiva possui uma luz led no capacete assim como nos olhos.

Highly limited to 450 pieces worldwide. "Henshin-a-go-go, baby!" ~Viewtiful Joe Joe is just a regular guy who loves movies, but after being literally plucked from the movie theatre, was brought into the world of Movieland. Upon arriving into Movieland, Joe receives the V-Watch, allowing him to transform into Viewtiful Joe: An action superhero that is able to speed up or slow down the ‘movie’ he’s in. With these new powers at his fingertips, Viewtiful Joe must liberate his girlfriend Silvia from the clutches of the Jadow: an evil organization of villains now holding her captive in Movieland. First 4 Figures is proud to showcase Viewtiful Joe: The series protagonist in Capcom’s brilliant side scrolling beat-em-up franchise, and the first in First 4 Figures’ new Capcom All-Stars range: A new collection of statues celebrating some of Capcom’s most famous characters. Viewtiful Joe is portrayed with the same comical appearance as seen in the series. The figure itself stands upon a detailed road surface in a dynamic pose, edged with a film-reel style design, tying in with Viewtiful Joe’s strong movie themes. All of Viewtiful Joe’s details have been captured in high quality, hand painted polystone, resulting in an awesome, striking 13.5 inch tall statue to add to the collection of any Capcom, or indeed Viewtiful Joe fan. This is the exclusive version of Viewtiful Joe. The jewel in Joe’s helmet as well as his eyes are lit using LED lighting. These lights fade away gradually after being switched off. Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes an authenticity card.

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Fabricante First 4 Figures
Peso 2500 gramas
Altura 35.00 cm