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Busto Mealheiro Aliens Alien Xenomorph Queen 23 cm

Busto Mealheiro Aliens Alien Xenomorph Queen 23 cm


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Busto Mealheiro Aliens Alien Xenomorph Queen de 23 cm, com elevado detalhe, produzido pela Diamond Select, baseado no Universo de culto, Alien.

Talk about protection! Your spare change is safe and sound under the watchful eye of this all-new Xenomorph queen Vinyl Bust Bank. Based on the matriarch's appearance in Aliens, this beautifully rendered bank features a detailed sculpt by Eli Livingston and a collectible-quality paint application, and stands alongside some of the finest Alien collectibles. But she also has a coin slot in back and an access door in the base, so she'll guard your quarters like they were her own children! If you were going to put all your eggs in one basket, this is it! Comes packaged in a clear polybag with
dorsal spines.

Informação adicional
Fabricante Diamond Select
Peso 500 gramas
Altura 23.00 cm